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Artist: Kwang Mook Lim    Writer: Nicola TACKIAN
Published date: 2008/11/20
Total pages: 72
Size: 210x290mm
Retail price: $12


After 50 years of germ and chemical warfare, the Earth became a large ruin.  As metropolis are entangled in concrete and metal, looters dominated both the power and land. 
They also started a bloody war to have monopoly on 'Yajae', a strong drug able to enhance brain function and body strength 10 fold. 
Kama, a mutant man with a wolf's face and his party, are on their way through dangerous area to save his sister Misaki from a powerful monkey clan.  While on their way,
the party meets a beautiful woman names, Maei, on her way to see the Monkey clan with a different reason...

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