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-Title: Demulism
-Author: Story.Art – nu1t
-Published March 25, 2012
-Pages: 256 pages; all color
-Book Size: 127 mm x 127 mm (Exposed Perfect Book Binding)
-Price: $15
-ISBN: 978-89-93685-68-8
-Published by Seoul Visual Works/Editorial Department (phone) 82-02-796-7070/
Marketing & Advertising (phone) 82-070-8253-1922

“Demulism is a character that could not have existed without Instagram; photos that could not exist without Instagram; and ‘illustrated stories’
that were created through the friendly and kindhearted communication through the Social Network Services (SNS)”


During the last two years, mobile communication has changed drastically. And to match the pace, the network world called SNS (Social Network Services) has expanded beyond imaginable.
In this quickly expanding virtual world, the photographic social communications app with particularly a solid and loyal user base is Instagram. In the 8 months after the very first download of the app, 8 million users have gathered and now over 25 million iPhone users worldwide have downloaded the app and communicate through photos.
Instagram is the largest photograph based SNS where 150 million photos are being shared. 10 photos per second are being uploaded even at this very moment.
Following the craze with iPhone users, the Android version of the app was released recently. Soon after, a large acquisition deal placed Facebook as the new owner. Through the opportunity the new ownership provides, Instagram is almost guaranteed to grow at a faster pace.

Instagram has a very different personality compared to Twitter and Facebook. The main tool of communication is not text but photos. In this world, there is no difference between professional photographers and amateurs. People can communicate simply by having photos taken by the iPhone or photos saved on the iPhone. For their artistry, users can receive “likes” from followers. In colloquial term, text takes the backseat.

Project Purpose

In this photographic world, a short and bald headed middle aged man appears out of nowhere one day.
The so called [#n1_mentionproject]. This creative endeavor is a photo manipulation project that adds drawings to photos uploaded by different users.
Through this project, the followers experience a unique pleasure of communicating through Instagram by willingly providing author @nu1t with their photos to manipulate.

@nu1t uses the iPhone app Sketchbook Mobile to sketch and color with only his middle finger. He does not use a touch pen. The result is an interesting character nicknamed “Demul” by many users. (Demul is a shortened version of Demuri, which means bald headed in Korean. Thus, Demul would roughly translate to Baldy). This is the interesting origin and motive behind Demulism.

The images showcased in this book are those that have especially been popular published with the permission of the original photo providers. The images are selected from the close to 800 images the author has compiled through Instagram.
The many cats, dogs, insects, bugs and the subjects in the original photos… alongside middle aged man Demul, are given new life to weave creative stories together.

In the photos where time stands still, Demul slides into the image and makes his cheerful motions and story. To portray his motions, only a few small curvy lines are needed. However as if by magic, rhythm and motion come to life through those few lines. The author’s unique artistry in viewing animals, people and objects is translated into stories. This melody of artistic expression has become the source of SNS stories shared with Instagram users.

Mr. Demul tiptoes into his followers’ photos and makes his tiny little movements. Sometimes shocking; sometimes hilarious and sometimes his movements are even awkward. However at the end, his amazing talent as a social entertainer shines through.
When an image is uploaded, ten thousand users from all over the world share it. On a good day, over a thousand users send their hearts (through likes). A character born into the SNS world, a character who lives his cheerful life… he is the hero of this book, Demul.
Demul and his friends (sub characters) only existed as data on the iPhone app in the limited space called Instagram. However, they have now waltzed outsider their little virtual world. Through this book Demulism; the cheerful and vivacious bald, middle aged man steps outside his byte world and venture into our world.

About the Author
@nu1t is a freelance magazine designer who looks around the Instagram world and uploads at least one photo a day. To reduce the continuation of anxiety called “deadline stress,” he would upload illustrations and characters that he had created on Instagram.
As he was slowly building his social network this way, Mr. Demul was created. Through word of mouth by his Instagram followers, Demul would eventually become a virtual celebrity. To give Demul the world to play in, the creative project [#n1_mentionproject] was made. From his life as a designer making a magazine following deadlines, @nu1t takes his first step as a creator, creating new characters and pursuing a new form of expression.


  1. WITH Cats
  2. WITH People
  3. WITH Dogs
  4. WITH Sir Insects and Sir Bugs
  5. WITH Stories of Our Lives

Book Intro Video

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