2012년 8월 9일 목요일



Japan  -   KANAME☆
Taiwan   -   Akatsuki Tsukasa
Indonesia - epi corner
Russia - Minaeva Esmeralda
Peru - Carmenpilar Best
China - franseca (hybridre)
 Germany  - Chibi
Korea  - Lita
USA - Electric Lady (Kara)
Hong Kong - YUI
Germany - Calssara
Ecuador - Arthur A.K.A Sidarthur
Japan - REIKA
Singapore - Vic
Russia  - Sorano Suzu
Korea  -  ekiholic
Thailand  - YUEGENE

 <~Love Appliation~> Artist ‘Katsuyuki Hirano’ interview and more Artwork.

- ‘seednovel’(Nobel novel,Ltd.of Korea) planning team leader interview

- ‘Dragon Ball’ Mania interview

- Field interviews ‘Lolita day’

- ‘Costume cloth & Accessories’ making tutorial with EKI.


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